About This Persephone

Q: How do you do?

A: There’s always better.

Q: What are your goals?

A: Novelty.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Wet cement.

Q: Why would that be?

A: It’s abundant as textured background for plebeians.

Q: Do you intend on taking yourself seriously?

A: That depends. Like many, I don’t care to be seen as a victim.

Q: What question would you like to ask yourself?

A: Does it have to be a question?

Q: What then would you ask yourself?

A: To be observant and, when possible, happy.

New book out now: A Sample of Gouda (2016) 


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  1. Yeah, my dear! So be happy and don't take Thinges (and People) too seriously ... And: yes, we have no bananas ������