Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 The Starts

Persephone here.

I recently read a website of an educator-writer and he started his webpage thus a la: I am here.  In a Picasso-esque theft for this blog post I chose artlessness to imitate such minimal art.

Moving into the next phase, this blog, an eight year old, has been useful and doubtless will continue to be, but I have also begun a new one.

“Do you know what he looks like?” asked the museum administrator to me nervously about the famous creator of the situations we had been enacting at the Stedelijk Museum. “He’s in the house. Blue bubble jacket, brown slacks, black rimmed glasses.”

I did not.  Had he inspected my performance?  I knew not. I performed the routine I was hired to perform.  Dressing for my performance, I met a group of people who were rehearsing the next piece coming up in December. I wondered where the museum staff had found such a ragged looking lot.  “Occupation.” One informed me of the title of their piece.

“Yeah,” a sour faced colleague explained in a whiny voice during our break, “You know, the 99 percent. They just hired some homeless people.” Okay to be clear, to be really homeless in the Netherlands takes quite some work. The social system is pretty tight. These homeless people had had showers and wore donated sweaters, and were living someplace temporarily with kitchen amenities.  If they were also looking for work, then they would have been directed to this kind of stint.  “This is occupation.” The man sang at me in the dressing room using the same tune that I had been instructed to sing.

“I don’t want to go on unemployment.” An impoverished friend said in exasperation, “It’s all changed since I was last on unemployment twenty years ago.  They expect artists to go work as toilet cleaning personnel now. Anything goes, no respect.”

A musician I know was battling the system, threatened being sent out to apply to work packing stations at retail warehouses after earning a Masters.  She finally combined enough hours of teaching to get off the books.

Alright back to me and getting "off the books": My vocal coach rolled her eyes at me when I mentioned my lapsed vocal resume as a joke. Lists, I must make better lists. Check: Page for Being a Singer. Check: Blog for scribbling poems. 

In the meantime the main operational function of this blog, the fictional and non-fictional books on Gouda, will continue because maybe 2016 will be the year our second Gouda book finally makes it out into the wide world.  We got the printed draft in the mail this week.

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