Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Morse Code

“If you put that on Facebook tomorrow, I will make a cheeky, no make that a peevey comment.” A warning. People do that, they say this to me every so often, even at tango lessons. It was inane what she had just said, and I don’t think I would have put it on FB anyway, but since she made a point of it……

“I don’t comment but I read your FB page regularly.” People mention.  Obviously she had as well as she was engaging me in conversation about something I had written about in my FB status.

“I had to learn Morse code.” He said at lunch. Everyone looked at him. “It was a total waste of time,” he cut some brie off the chunk of cheap cheese, “Military service.”

“Do you put that on your resume?” I asked, imagining going through a job interview with that skill listed on the paper between you and your potential employer.  Would they mention it? Make a joke out of it? Relax the atmosphere?

“At the time all the news was going through official channels but as a backup we were required to test the line every day.” He explained. “We would tap out, Are You Still There? And that would be the day’s work.”

Sounds fair enough, and as she threw down the glove, I took her up and rewrote her comment five different ways woven into a little story.  And posted them on FB without mentioning her name. I might hear something back but then again I might not.

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